Caution – Signs Of a Job Scam

If the opportunity seems “too good to be true,” it is probably a scam. Pay attention to what your instincts tell you if something feels “off” about the opportunity.

Before you apply for a job or respond to an email with a copy of your resume, make sure the opportunity doesn’t match these criteria. Its a Job Scam If;

  1. No experience is necessary 

    That’s usually the sign of a scam. The description is only a sales pitch, vague, or so simple that anyone could do it. No particular skills, experience, or education are needed to do the job. When you analyze it, the job doesn’t make sense, and anyone/everyone qualifies.

    Often, poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling may be used in the description/pitch.

  2. The job is VERY easy to do, and pays VERY well.  

    Although you must start as soon as possible, very little of your time and not much effort are needed to do the job, but you will receive a handsome salary for minimal effort. “No experience necessary” may be part of the job description or pitch.

  3. A genuine job interview is not required.  

    A minimal fake interview can be done very quickly via text message (like Slack or Yahoo Instant Messenger) or email. Or, they claim to be so impressed with you that they don’t need to actually talk with you about the job. (Which means you don’t get to ask any troublesome questions!)

  4. The employer’s and/or the recruiter’s identity is not clear.  

    The job description may look real, with some duties and responsibilities or a few tasks, but there is no clear indication of who the employer is.

    Or the alleged employer is well-known (e.g. Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.), but the only contact is an email address through a general service like Gmail, rather than an address associated with the employer.

    Before you apply, be sure to ask for and verify the name of the contact person and the employer.

  5. They URGENTLY need to hire YOU — IMMEDIATELY!  

    They know that you are exactly the employee they need (without talking with you or anyone who knows you), and you must begin working for them as soon as possible — preferably today!.

  6. You must provide very sensitive information before anything else is done.  

    Before you have been interviewed or finished your research about them, they need you to send them your Social Security Number, bank account number, or a credit card number so they can pay you without delay.

    Tell them you need to have them pay you by check, at least initially, and be particularly cautious if they want to know your birthday (even only the month and day), mother’s maiden name, the first school you attended, or other very personal information.

  7. You must purchase something from them to get started.  

    They want to hire you immediately, but first you must pay for some supplies needed for the job. Only they can provide the appropriate supplies. Or, possibly, you need to pay them for some special training that they will provide you to help you get started.

If you really have no idea why someone would pick you to pay you handsomely to do a very simple job, get your guard up! As the old sergeant from Hill Street Blues said to the police officers as they headed out for their day’s work, “Be careful out there!”

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